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Personal Information:

Me as a Simpson

Department: Psychology

Office: Alumni Memorial Hall 206
Phone: (570) 941-6687
Fax: (570) 941-7899
Office Hours: Monday 8:30a - 9:45a
Wednesday 11:30a - 12:45p
Thursday 1:00p - 2:00p
Campus Mail Address:

Department of Psychology

University of Scranton

Scranton, PA 18510

email (University): bryan.burnham@scranton.edu
email (preferred): attention.perform@gmail.com
email (lab): human.attention.lab@gmail.com











Links to Pages for the Courses that I Teach:
PSYC 110 Fundamentals of Psychology (old site)
PSYC 110L Demonstrations in Psychology (old site)
PSYC 210 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
PSYC 230 Sensation & Perception
PSYC 230-L Sensation & Perception Lab
PSYC 234 Cognitive Psychology
PSYC 234-L Cognitive Psychology Lab (old site)
PSYC 330 and PSYC 330L Research Methods and Lab

Helpful Materials:

Script for Better Textbook Reading
Tips for Better Writing
APA Style Writing Tips
Test-Taking Tips
Don't Be a College Dumbass
What's in an Annotated Bibliography?
Annotated Bibliography Information


Interesting Psychological Science Organizations


What is it?

Psychonomic Society Experimantal  psychologists dedicated to the scientific study of information processing.
Association for Psychological Science (APS) Group dedicated to the science of psychology
American Psychological Association (APA) Largest North American group of people dedicated to various aspects of psychology
Eastern Psychological Association Association Part of the APA, members generally come from Eastern US
Vision Sciences Society Group all things
Object Perception Attention & Memory (OPAM) Mostly graduate students, post-docs and Garmin Forerunner young professors that study object perception, attention and memory
Vision Science dot org Resources for people interested in vision sciences
Cognitive Sciences Society Group dedicated to the science of the mind.

Page of Links to Websites that I find Interesting